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Chippewa Garden Club is announcing its Spring Flower Power Fundraising campaign. Peruse the new catalog for 2021 at the link below.  There are some new products that will brighten up your gardens this upcoming growing season. The 16-page catalog gives information on the growing zone, planting recommendations and characteristics of each plant.  Just click on the link below to view the catalog and place your orders.

Revenue from these sales help fund our ongoing commitments to community projects.  All products ordered are guaranteed. The order deadline is May 1st.  Flower Power will start shipping  purchased products in late March.

Those of you who want to start the 2021 gardening season with fresh garden gloves will be glad to know that we still have a variety of colors and sizes available for you to purchase. Just email the desired size (small, medium, large, x-large) and color preferences, and you be contacted to plan on how to connect up. Garden gloves are $7.00 each pair.

Chippewa Garden Club thanks you for any help you may be able to offer in our fundraising efforts.  We understand how difficult this may be during the pandemic.

Feel free to contact us at: with any questions or a glove order.



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April, 2020:  2019 Garden Club of Ohio Awards:  Chippewa Wins 16!!!

In a “normal” year Chippewa Garden Club finds out whether it won any awards for its projects during the annual Garden Club of Ohio Convention.  As we all know, in 2020 there’s very little that’s considered normal.

We found out we had won awards when a check appeared in the mail…and then we got more details in the Summer 2020 issue of Garden Greetings.

All of the applications or briefs we submitted last fall received an award!  Here’s the summary:

  • Our Horticulture Specialty Flower Show held July, 2019 received three awards. We won first place for the overall show and second places for the schedule and youth section.
  • Our civic project awards included three first place awards for Garden Therapy, our Arbor Day Tree Seedlings and our Youth projects as a part of Tree City. We won second place awards for our decorated tree at the Botanical Garden and our Recess Gardening project. 
  • We also received awards for our Publicity Press Book and Newsletter (firsts); our Membership Brochure, Website and Yearbook (all seconds). Two of our flyers announcing events also won a second and a third.
  • Finally, we placed first as an Outstanding Garden Club, medium size club.

Congratulations to all our members who participated in these projects and spent the time applying for the awards.  Nice job!!

July 13-14, 2019: “A Million Garden Memories….Going Platinum in 2019”–A Horticulture Specialty Flower Show

On July 13 and 14, 2019, Chippewa Garden Club presented a Horticulture Specialty Flower Show  at the Brecksville Community Center. The title of the show was “A Million Garden Memories…Going Platinum in 2019” and celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Club.  Sixty-one classes of horticulture were included in the show. All the horticulture exhibits were fresh and grown by our club members. The show also included a Botanical Arts Division (photography and horticulture).  The Botanical Arts Horticulture Sections included 10 classes of creative horticulture, something the club tried for the first time.  There were manipulated plants like topiaries, dried flowers, pressed flowers and miniature gardens.  There was also a photography section where members submitted their photographs of public and private gardens and close-ups of plants and/or animals.

Two other Divisions were included:  an Educational Division focused on our club history and the physiology of the white-tailed deer and a Youth Division where winners of the Central School Tree City poster contest were displayed.

Why do we do Flower Shows?  The reasons include educating the public as well as our members in horticulture and flower design, but we also like to demonstrate our growing skills and creativity.  It’s a formal presentation by artists using plant materials! Check out our award winners below.

Award winners for the 2019 “A Million Garden Memories…Going Platinum in 2019” Flower Show:

For Horticulture:

Award of Horticultural Excellence: Jo Ann Bartsch

Arboreal Award – Branches of Trees/Shrubs:  Mila Kallibjian

Collector’s Showcase:

Collections – Foliage:  Debbie Schuckert

Grower’s Choice Awards:

Foliage Container Grown Plants: Margaret DeWolf

Flowering Container Grown Plants:  Jim Armstrong

Container Grown Succulents/Cacti: Kathy Habib

Combination Containers- Foliage: Jo Ann Bartsch

Combination Containers, Mixed Flower/Foliage: Margaret DeWolf

Plants Grown Without Soil: Kathy Habib

Awards of Merit:

Cut Herbs:  Sandy Spann

Cut Specimen Flowering Perennial: Noreen Butano

Cut Specimen Foliage Perennial: Noreen Butano

Cut Specimen Foliage Annual: Kathy Habib

For Education:

The Educational Award: Jeff Ardo

Botanical Arts:

Container Manipulated Plants:  Lenore Siegman

Dried/Preserved Specimens: Lenore Siegman

Container-Grown Miniature Gardens: Kathy Habib

Photography:  Debbie Schuckert

Sweepstakes Award:

For Horticulture: Kathy Habib

June 5, 2019:  Chippewa Garden Club receives 2018 Garden Club of Ohio (GCO) Awards.

At the GCO convention in June in Canton, we received 7 awards for our work in 2018.  A significant achievement in a year without a Flower Show!  Congratulations to everyone who participated in the application process and doing the project work.  The awards included:

  • First Place: CBG Tree, Newsletter
  • Second Place: Publicity Press Book, Yearbook, Outstanding Garden Club (Medium)
  • Third Place: Membership Brochure, Website
  • The newsletter went on to get a National Award of Appreciation.

News Flash:  Chippewa Garden Club Named Garden Club of the Year!! June 7, 2018.

Yes, it’s happened before….seven times before to be exact.  But the pride and sense of accomplishment never wear off.

At their convention in Cincinnati on June 7, 2018, the Garden Club of Ohio presented its awards for projects and accomplishments during 2017.  Chippewa Garden Club won a total of 18 awards—13 of them were for first place!  Here are the first place projects:

  • Arbor Day distribution of seedlings to third graders,
  • Decoration of the Glow tree at the Cleveland Botanical Garden)
  • Planting of a Monarch Way Station at the Brecksville Community Garden,
  • Garden Therapy at Pleasantview Care Center,
  • Youth program at the Library for Mother’s Day,
  • Youth award and youth leader award for the Recess Gardening program at Central School,
  • Best Standard Flower Show in a public building and best Schedule for our Flower Show “This Land is Our Land”, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Cleveland Metroparks,
  • Outstanding Garden Club for our size (39 members).

We also received first place awards for our membership flyer (best publication), best newsletter, and best website.  Our landscaping of the historical marker for the establishment of Brecksville Township and the Flower Show educational exhibit received second place awards; our 2017 publicity book and yearbook received honorable mention.

The top award, Garden Club of the Year, is based on a point system, scoring each project or award topic as judged by the Garden Club of Ohio.  Chippewa scored the highest among the other medium-sized clubs and then won overall among all clubs of all sizes.  There are approximately 140 other garden clubs in Ohio that belong to the Garden Club of Ohio organization.  We are honored to be considered the best for 2017!

“Woodland Inspired Holiday Trends”, 11/14/2017:

Chippewa Garden Club presented its annual Holiday fundraiser program “Woodland Inspired Holiday Trends”, the evening of November 14, 2017, at the Brecksville Community Center.  The program featured Hudson, Ohio florists Molly Taylor and Bailey Wilson of Molly Taylor and Company.  The speakers highlighted current designs styles of the 2017 Holiday Season and created floral swags, wreaths and tablescapes illustrating the natural woodland theme popular this Holiday Season.

Guests enjoyed not only the speakers’ presentation but refreshments and raffle items donated by the Chippewa Club members and community entrepreneurs.  Funds from the event will be used for Chippewa Garden Club’s many community projects planned for the year of 2018.  The Chippewa Garden Club has been committed to serving the community since the Club’s inception in 1949, by cultivating beauty through gardening, promoting the fine art of floral design, aiding in the protection of native plants and wildlife, encouraging civic beautification and providing  horticultural educational opportunities to the community.

Thanks to all who participated in making this event a great success!


This Land is Our Land:  A Standard Flower Show, July 22-23, 2017:

On July 22 and 23, 2017, Chippewa Garden Club presented a Standard Flower Show at the Brecksville Community Center. The title of the show was This Land is Our Land and celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Cleveland Metroparks.  The show included 28 designs whose inspirations were one of the Metroparks reservations. Fifty-three classes of horticulture were included in the show. All the horticulture exhibits were fresh and grown by our club members. The show also included an Education Division and Botanical Arts Division (photography and artistic crafts).

The reasons we do biennial Flower Shows are to educate the public as well as our members in horticulture and flower design and to provide an outlet for creative expression. We certainly met those objectives. Check out our award winners below.

Award winners for the 2017 This Land is Our Land Flower Show:

For Designs:

Award of Design Excellence: Lenore Siegman

Designers Choice Award/Seibel Award: Lenore Siegman

Petite Award/Zuzan Silver Bowl:  Jo Ann Bartsch

For Horticulture:

Award of Horticulture Excellence: JoAnn Sherman

Arboreal Award – Branches of  Trees/Shrubs:  Debbie Schuckert

Collectors Showcase:

Collections – Foliage:  JoAnn Sherman

Growers Choice:

Foliage Container Grown Plants: Judy Guinn

Flowering Container Grown Plants:  Judy Guinn

Container Grown Succulents: Charlene Schuh

Combination Containers: Margaret DeWolf

Awards of Merit:

Cut Specimen Flowering Perennial: Debbie Schuckert

Cut Specimen Foliage Perennial: Kathy Habib

Cut Specimen Flowering Annual: Debbie Schuckert

Cut Specimen Foliage Annual: Lynne Evans

Vegetables: Jo Ann Bartsch

For Education:

The Educational Award: Kathy Ziemba

Botanical Arts:

Photography:  Jo Ann Bartsch

Sweepstakes Awards:

For Design: Lenore Siegman and Judy Guinn (tie!)

For Horticulture: Kathy Habib



Chippewa Garden Club won two awards for its work in youth gardening.  On June 7, 2017, we, along with the Emerald Necklace Garden Club, won an award for Youth Garden Club Beautification for the rain garden installed and planted at Central School.  That project also won a First Place for Youth Environmental Education from the National Garden Clubs, Inc.

On May 6, 2016, National Garden Clubs, Inc. presented three awards to Chippewa Garden Club.  They were:

  • A certificate of commendation for Youth Horticulture Education (for the Recess Gardening Program at Central School);
  • The Tommy Donnan Certificate of Merit for our “Art in the Garden” Newsletter; and
  • An Achievement Award (with Rosette) and certificate of commendation for a Club Standard Flower Show for our 2015 Flower Show “Artists in Our Garden”

Congratulations to all our members who worked on all these projects.  A special round of applause to Pat G. who edits our award-winning newsletter.



At its 88th Annual Convention April 5-7, 2016, the Garden Club of Ohio named Chippewa Garden Club the Garden Club of the Year for our work accomplished in 2015.  The first time Chippewa won this award was in 1971, and we won another five times from 1999 to 2013.  This most recent award is the seventh time our club has been honored among the approximately 150 garden clubs throughout Ohio.

The top award is based on a point system, scoring each project or award topic as judged by the Garden Club of Ohio.  Chippewa scored the highest among the other medium-sized clubs and then won overall among all clubs of all sizes.

We won three awards for our 2015 Flower Show, Artists in our Garden, held last September.  The show itself won a first place award, the schedule a second place, and the educational exhibit a third place.  You can see what the Flower Show looked like in the photos to the right, and scroll down to see all the individual winners at the show.

A total of seven other first place awards were given to the Garden Club for our Arbor Day projects, youth projects, garden therapy, newsletter, yearbook, and membership brochure.  Second place awards were given for the establishment of a Monarch WayStation at Central School and our website.

Co-Presidents Kathy Habib and Jo Ann Bartsch attended the awards ceremony in Dayton Ohio.  Both were overwhelmed at our success, noting that this was only possible because we have such an active membership.  Our members not only participate in our civic projects, especially the Flower Show, but are willing to document our activities in the required award briefs!  We’re hoping that some of our projects go on to win regional or national awards later this year.  Stay tuned.

A round of applause for all our members!!