“A Million Garden Memories” Chippewa Garden Club Flower Show, July 2019…Look for our upcoming flower show August 6-7, 2022…”A Little Thyme for Tea” (Photos coming soon!)

 So Long 2021….Hello 2022!

2022 marks the continuance of our “pursuit back to normal” journey, at least we hope that’s where we’re headed.  Our plans for 2022 have Chippewa Garden Club returning to our in-person meetings.

Hopefully we have scheduled programs and projects that will interest our members and those of you who might want to join.  If gardening and all that goes along with it appeals to you, explore these web pages and join us. If you’re interested in joining, you can find our Membership Brochure and Application here.

We had a successful, somewhat subdued, Holiday Program in November, 2021.  This  allowed us to continue our civic projects as we’ve done for many years. This year we’ve scheduled our annual Holiday Design Program for November 15, 2022.  Download the flyer here.

This year’s main event was our Flower Show, “A Little Thyme for Tea”, which was held on August 6-7 at the Brecksville Community Center. Check out a summary of what happened in our current newsletter issue.

Several issues of the Chippewa Garden Club newsletter are available for download from the Latest News page.

September Membership Meeting:

The next membership meeting will be held Tuesday, September 27, 2022, at 6:30 p.m.  Meetings are held at the Brecksville Human Services Center, behind the Community Center, off Brecksville Road.

Our speaker that evening will be Joe Dwyer, the City of Brecksville’s Horticulturist.  Have you ever wondered how all those beautiful flowers seem to appear around the City every spring…..all summer….and well into autumn?  Joe has secrets he’s willing to reveal. What will they be?  Magical soil, cultivars from aliens, fertilizers from who knows where????

Join us for an evening of PLANT TALK….without getting your green thumbs dirty!